CAS 180°

CAS Modeling CAS 180° is a cost effective services which help customers on their Styling studios.Our Modeler’s are directly working on your Styling Studios in a straighline connect through your designer’s 180°, to generate your concept’s into Digital Models & Class A production Surfacing models with our application & tools.
CAS 180° is the Advanced model and innovative system implemented by CAS Modeling,
CAS Modeling strongly believes in “CAS180 °& CAS 180 hours in a Month”.
We always stay focused on future and advanced techniques which helps styling Studios and our customers are stick to us through CAS180°. Thus reduces not only cost, also time and improve workflow efficiency effectively, also your corporate policies and data Integrity will be taken care by CAS 180°.

what are you looking for? Opt and contact us today to utilize CAS 180°.